We are a digital and partnerships shop with the motto:


In today’s world, the user decides when, how and where he or she interacts with a brand and what content he or she consumes. For brands, it’s about being there to interact with users wherever their attention currently lies. A few years ago that was newsletters, linear TV and OOH. Today it’s Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Tomorrow it’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Musical.ly; the day after it’s podcasts, Anchor and Voice. Who knows — in a few years maybe holographic contact lenses will be the day-to-day device delivering AR and VR content to our daily lives.

To us, “digital” encompasses technologies and platforms — from VR apps and content to Musical.ly, from Facebook interactive dynamic ad content to Alexa voice skills. We are constantly scanning global digital developments for channels and technologies that are new, up-and-coming, or have already reached a relevant mass of users. We seek to identify those platforms that keep the attention of consumers, the most promising innovative technologies on the market, and where critical user masses develop.

In other words, we are always looking for the white space.

It’s about understanding the technical side of all of the relevant channels and platforms as well as user behavior and internal dynamics. Only in this way are brands able to interact with users productively — by taking into account which content provides value, how it plays out on the platforms, what possibilities are offered by the technologies, channels and platforms, and how they are employed by users natively.

The goal of every brand should be to always be there first, before the competition comes and you have to fight for the attention of users and customers. We streamline all of this knowledge together with our clients in order to stay one step ahead of everyone else. We remain active, visible and engaged with the relevant target groups in areas of current and future potential.


It’s about what others say about you, not just what you say about yourself.

In 2015, SMS Audio by 50 Cent and Reebok announced their cooperation in the HiFi segment. Why these two brands and why this partnership? Because music and fitness are inseparable. Energizing sounds help one prepare to focus and can act as a motivator for excellence. SMS Audio is an audio brand with expertise in high-quality sound and a unique headphone design. Reebok is one of the leading international premium sportswear manufacturers. Together they conceptualized and designed coop headphones, specifically catering towards the needs of athletes, and created a completely new fitness experience. The headphones complement Reebok’s premium range of products and allowed SMS Audio to enter the sports segment, becoming a pragmatic and stylish accessory for athletes to go with their clothes and shoes. The partnership was communicated collectively through the international brand channels of Reebok, SMS Audio and the rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Brands should understand that a marketing or brand partnership is only effective if authentic “coop content” is created and communicated on both sides. Today, every brand should consider whether it wants to be a lone wolf, seeking to attract customers’ attention only through its own communication, or whether teaming up to play with other brands might be the smarter option.

The combination of DIGITAL and PARTNERSHIPS is the form of effective marketing that is here to stay — it works today and it will work in the future.